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Tell us about your requirements in general detail below.

We will contact you to discuss in fuller detail with no obligation.

We usually need to make a site/home visit before providing a detailed quotation.

We aim to adhere to the guidance given by CITIZENS ADVICE 

We can tailor our service and quotation to suit your requirements

A quote is a promise from the contractor to do the work at a fixed price. Don’t rely on a verbal quote - get it in writing.

Some contractors charge for quotes - ask about this first.

Try to get written quotes from at least 3 different contractors before you decide on one. Comparing quotes will help you decide if you’re getting a fair price.

After you say yes to a quote, it’s a binding agreement between you and the contractor, whether it’s written down or not. But having it in writing means you can check what you agreed and prove it if there’s a dispute later.

Make sure you get a quote, not an estimate. A quote is a fixed price, so you'll know what you’re getting and how much it will cost. An estimate is just a rough guess, so you could end up paying more.

The contractor can’t charge you more than the price on their quote unless:

  • you ask for extra work that’s not included in the quote
  • they let you know they have to do extra work & you agree to pay more for it
  • they made a genuine mistake when writing down or calculating the price - they have the legal right to charge you what it should have been

Also be cautious if their price is a lot lower than other quotes you get. It could mean they don’t have the right skills or experience, or they’re not being honest. It could also mean they’re not quoting for exactly the same work.

Be wary if a contractor won’t put a quote in writing. It’s a sign they could be unreliable.

Before saying yes to a quote, you should check the contractor has the correct insurance in place and try to get a written contract.


We have a 5 Million Insurance cover.